James Kreitz

Tax Assessor
Title: Tax Assessor
Phone: 973-428-2494
James Kreitz

Mr. James B. Kreitz, the Township’s Certified Tax Assessor, is responsible for assessing all real property in the Township for tax purposes each year.In addition, he is responsible for the approval of all applications for tax exemptions and deductions, the processing of deed transactions, reviewing the state sales ratio program and maintenance of municipal tax maps.Mr. Kreitz is also responsible for the defense of tax appeals along with the assistance of outside counsel and professionally designated appraisers.

Although the assessor is chosen and appointed by the municipality, his duties are imposed by State law and are clearly defined in the State statutes.Mr. Kreitz has been a State Certified Tax Assessor since 1996 and is required to maintain his certificate by acquiring recertification credits through educational classes. The assessor is available to the public in his office on Mondays, 5 pm to 9 pm and on Thursday from 1 pm to 9 pm as well as Saturdays as needed. 

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