• Painting of a a shirtless man sitting slumped over on a wooden chair
  • Painting portrait of a woman with very long brown hair
  • Painting of a rainy city street scene
  • Painting portrait of a goat
  • A black and white image of 3 white rhinos
  • A portrait of a smiling Tunisian Woman
  • An overhead shot of a herd of oryx walking together
  • An up-close image of a match stik that has been set on fire.
  • An up-close image of two clear jellyfish swimming in the ocean.
  • An image of an orange cliff face.
  • An orange butterfly landing on a purple flower
  • Painting of sunlight peeking through dark clouds with a blue sky in the distance
  • Painting of red apples on a tree
  • Close-up painting of red apples on a tree.
  • Up-close image of a yellow flower
  • Up-close image of an orange butterfly landing on a pink flower
  • Crane catching a fish in its beak in water
  • Desert Landscape
  • Moon in daytime sky
  • Reflection of twp trees in water

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