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Administrative Forms

  1. Application for Hanover Township Filming Permit

    In accordance with the provisions of Ordinance #52-2019, all persons, organizations, corporations, associations, or other entities... More…

  2. Online Job Application
  1. Become A Board Member Form

    Complete this form to indicate your interest in serving on one of Hanover's boards or commissions.

  2. Photo Submissions

    Submit your photos for the Township to use in our annual calendar and on the website!

Report A Concern

  1. General Request

    Submit a general inquiry or request and it will be forwarded to the appropriate Township official or department. Please do NOT use this... More…

  1. Report A Pothole Form

    Notify the Department of Public Works of a pothole in the Township so that they can repair it as soon as possible. If the pothole is on... More…