What is the difference between "Emergency Notifications" and "Subscribe"?

The Subscribe button brings you to the Notify Me section of HanoverTownship.com. Notify Me is a tool that allows you to subscribe to email and/or text message notifications when content is added to or updated on our website from the Calendar, News Flash, Job Postings and Alert Center modules.

  • The Alert Center module, in particular, will send out notifications about Municipal Building closures, Township power outages, and other emergency situations but should not be your primary emergency notification source. The Administration Department manually updates this to keep citizens informed but may not be instantaneous.

The Emergency Notifications link brings you to a Smart 9-1-1 registration page called the "Hanover Township, NJ Community Opt-In Portal." (If you do not see this heading, please email us so we can direct you to the correct link.)

When you sign-up, you will begin to receive emergency notifications from the Hanover Township Police in conjunction with the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Morris County. This notification service is called RAVE Mobile Safety System or Smart 9-1-1 or Alert Hanover.

  • While the Notify Me Alert Center will give you notifications about some emergencies, it does not replace RAVESmart 9-1-1's RAVE is used by the police department and should be your primary source for quick, urgent emergency notifications.

Using both notification systems will ensure you get all the notifications you need about Hanover Township.

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1. What is the difference between "Emergency Notifications" and "Subscribe"?
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