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September 24th: 3 PM - 4:30 PM, Grooves Unlimited Hip-Hop Studio

At Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio, we energize our Groovers to own their stage by igniting a passion for Hip-Hop, Tap Dance and all Street Dance Culture.

We are a Team of authentic artists who eat, breathe and sleep Hip-Hop and Tap Dance. We believe that Hip-Hop and Tap Dance are two of the most beautiful contributions that America has offered the international dance community and that the continued authenticity of these art forms is dependent on passionate and knowledgeable teachers passing down the technique, history and culture to eager dancers. We believe that taking the stage provides dancers with the best opportunities to hone their craft and give back to their community, and we love helping our Groovers build the confidence they need to own their stage, the type of confidence that shines both in and out of the studio.

October 1st: 3 PM - 4:30 PM, Country Fusion with Kristin

What is Country Fusion? The class focuses on actual country line dances, while “fusing” four other types of dances and music. Participants in Country Fusion will see improvements across the board, in their overall muscle endurance, fat loss and weight management, improved core and joint strength, better coordination, balance, and memory. The class can be modified for all ages and levels of ability!

October 8th: 3 PM - 4:30 PM, Hanover Chinese American Community

Chinese square dancing or plaza dancing is an exercise routine performed to music in squares, plazas or parks of the nation's cities. The practice has roots in both ancient and modern Chinese history. Dancing for exercise has been recorded as developed millennia ago in Emperor Yao's China, and during the Song Dynasty the public spaces of cities were noted for their use in performance. Most of the women who square dance came of age during the Cultural Revolution, when folk dances such as yangge were widely performed, often as propaganda. Some have confirmed that this nostalgia is one of their reasons for taking part, although the benefits of the exercise and socialization opportunities also play a role. Square dancers dance to a variety of music, mostly Chinese popular songs, both contemporary and historic. 

3-Part Series Dance Demonstration Photos

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