Local Law Requirements

This information is being provided to give readers a general idea of what the law requires. It is not intended to provide a comprehensive description of the ordinance. The reader should consult the applicable ordinance for a full description of prohibited activities, exemptions that apply, and penalties associated with violation of these ordinances.

What These Local Laws Require

  • “Application of Fertilizer” - Prohibits applying fertilizer when it’s raining or expected to rain, or when the ground is soaked, or on an impervious surface without cleaning it up, or within 25 feet of any body of water. Also prohibits applying fertilizer during November, December, January, or February. Prohibits application of phosphorus fertilizer, with certain exemptions.
  • “Covered Refuse and Dumpster Containers” - Requires refuse and dumpster containers to be covered at all times and kept from overflowing. The container or dumpster must not leak or otherwise discharge liquids, semi-liquids, or solids into the stormwater system. The following containers are exempted: Permitted temporary demolition containers, litter receptacles (other than dumpsters or other bulk containers), individual homeowner trash and recycling containers.
  • “Illicit Connections” - Prohibits unauthorized connections into the municipal storm sewer system that would allow domestic sewage, noncontact cooling water, process wastewater, or other industrial waste (other than stormwater) to be discharged into the sewer system.
  • “Improper Waste Disposal” - Prohibits dumping, spilling or disposal of materials other than stormwater into the stormwater system.
  • “Pet Waste Ordinance” - Requires all members of the public to immediately and properly dispose of pet waste deposited on any public or private property not owned or possessed by the pet’s owner or person walking the pet. Proper disposal requires picking pet waste up, wrapping it, and placing it in the trash or flushing it unwrapped down the toilet. People with assistance animals such as Seeing Eye dogs are exempt.
  • “Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting” - Prohibits persons in control of private property (except a residential lot with one single family house) from repaving, repairing, resurfacing, reconstructing or altering any surface in direct contact with an existing storm drain inlet on that property, unless the storm drain inlet already meets the Township’s Design Standard to control passage of solid and floatable materials, or is retrofitted or replaced to meet the standard. (Please refer to full ordinance for details on design standard and exemptions).
  • “Prohibition of Feeding Wildlife on Public Land” - Prohibits members of the public from feeding wildlife animals and waterfowl at any time during the year within the Township on any Township owned public property, including all parks and recreational facilities, forested land, vacant land, or in and around any Township-owned building.
  • “Prohibition of Littering” - Prohibits throwing or depositing litter on any street, sidewalk, or other public place within the Township. Requires use of public and private receptacles to discard garbage and refuse.
  • “Yardwaste Collection ” - Requires residents to place leaves in the street a minimum distance of 10 feet from any catch basin. Also requires residents to keep grass and hedge clippings in a container not exceeding 32 gallons or 50 pounds when filled, and to keep container tightly covered.