Community Solar

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Have you been interested in going solar, but have not been able to? Hanover residents can now participate in the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ newest clean energy program, community solar. The program is designed so everyone can access the great benefits of solar energy, regardless of housing or financial situation. Rather than placing solar panels on your roof, you subscribe to a large solar array locally.

Expand the questions below to learn more and subscribe to the projects that serve our residents! 

Community Solar is a New Jersey Clean Energy Program overseen by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. The program’s goals are to reduce the traditional barriers to renewable energy access and lower energy costs for any New Jersey resident including renters and homeowners. 

A Community Solar project is a solar array whose energy generation is divided among multiple participating subscribers. Community solar subscribers sign up to power their homes from electricity delivered through the utility and generated by a solar installation that is located near, but not on, the subscriber’s own property. As a subscriber, you will receive a dollar credit on your utility bill for the portion of the power generated by the array on your behalf. Subscribers pay for solar energy at a discounted cost (refer to the projects and their discount levels). Community solar projects must be approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. 

Enrolling in this program does not change your utility provider. Refer to the JCP&L  community solar website for additional questions.