About The Hanover Township Landmark Commission 

The Hanover Township Landmark Commission was established over thirty years ago. The Commission works to identify, protect, and preserve historical sites within the township, including the Whippany Burying Yard, the oldest cemetery in Morris County.

The Hanover Township Landmark Commission has many goals. 

Its intent and purpose is to protect, enhance and preserve sites and structures which exhibit historical, architectural or cultural significance for the community’s heritage, to foster a sense of civic pride and to promote the use of designated structures, sites and areas for the education, welfare and pleasure of this and future generations of the residents of Hanover Township. 

We conduct surveys of sites in the municipality for the purpose of determining those of historic significance, architecturally, culturally or otherwise. There are presently fourteen sites recognized by the Historic Preservation Plan of Hanover Township. 

We arrange for the publication of maps and brochures about municipal historic sites and buildings. There is one with a tour of the burying yard available now at all the hotels in town and at the Morris County Tourism Bureau. 

We arrange for walks and tours. 

We cooperate with the National Park Service, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and/or the Morris County Historical Society and any other organizations concerned with historic sites and buildings. 

Our pride and joy is the Whippany Burying Yard on Route 10, the oldest cemetery in northern New Jersey, established in 1718. Buried there are eleven revolutionary soldiers and some who fought in the Civil War, as well as many other people from prominent families in what was the original Hanover Township. It is significant for the number and quality of the carved tombstones. Among the citizens buried there are Colonel Joseph Tuttle, commander of the Morris County Militia and Abraham Kitchel, an early settler and both original judges of Morris County.  The burying yard has been recognized on the State and National Registers of Historic Places and was established as a “Township Designated Landmark Site.” 

One of the main duties of the Landmark Commission is to restore and/or repair gravestones, which an ongoing job. 

Other activities include the placing of historical plaques on significant sites and buildings (there are nine at the present time), producing a brochure which illustrates a tour of the burying yard, having changing exhibits in the Municipal Building showcasing important organizations in Hanover Township, and conducting seminars to educate the children and adults of Hanover Township. Two have already taken place and there will be a third to celebrate the Tercentennial of the Iron Forge. 

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Tour of the Whippany Burying Yard

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