2019 Adopted Ordinances

  • Ordinance 1-2019: An ordinance establishing the salaries of the full-time employee in the Public Works, Buildings & Grounds, and Parks Maintenance Department for the calendar year 2019.
  • Ordinance 2-2019: An ordinance amending and supplementing Section 125-4. entitled "Recreation Department Fees" under Chapter 125 of the code of the Township entitled "Fees."
  • Ordinance 3-2019: An ordinance authorizing the execution of a lease agreement with the Hanover Township Little League, Incorporated for the operation of the Black Brook Park concession in 2019.
  • Ordinance 7-2019: An ordinance amending Section 117-10.F. and Section 198-2.C.1 of The Code of the Township of Hanover as adopted under Ordinance Number 34-2018 by the Township Committee.
  • Ordinance 5-2019: An ordinance authorizing a one (1%) percent increase in the appropriation limit of the Township's calendar year 2019 current fund budget and further establishing a cap bank, all in accordance with N.J.S.A. 40A:4-45.14
  • Ordinance 6-2019: An ordinance amending Article X, Performance and Maintenance Guarantees, including Sections 166-63. through 166-73. under Chapter 166 of The Code of the Township entitled 'Land Use and Development Legislation,' in order to make said chapter consistent with the New Jersey Municipal Land Use law.
  • Ordinance 8-2019: An ordinance reducing the two cents ($.02) per hundred ($100.00) dollars of assessed valuation dedicated Open Space Trust Fund Tax Rate to one-half cent ($.15) dollars in the year 2019.
  • Ordinance 9-2019: An ordinance authorizing the acquisition of approximately 65 acres of Open Space land owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and designated at Routes 24/178 Section 9.
  • Ordinance 10-2019: An ordinance authorizing the conveyance of certain easements to the County of Morris, New Jersey, Bayer Corporation and the Township in connection with Block 5801, Lots 2 and 5.