Information for Vendors

All vendors that do business with the Township of Hanover are required to submit a Form W-9 and New Jersey Business Certificate.

Some vendors may also be required to fill out the state-mandated "Pay to Play" Political Contribution Disclosure forms.

2020 Payment Schedule for Vendors

Vouchers Due to Finance by 12:00 p.m.
Approved by Township Committee
Check Mailed to Vendor
Thursday, January 2 
Thursday, January 9
Wednesday, January 15
Thursday, February 7
Thursday, February 13
Wednesday, February 19
Thursday, March 6
Thursday, March 12
Wednesday, March 18
Thursday, April 2
Thursday, April 9
Wednesday, April 15
Thursday, May 8
Thursday, May 14
Wednesday, May 20
Thursday, June 5
Thursday, June 11
Wednesday, June 17
Thursday, July 2
Thursday, July 9
Wednesday, July 15
Thursday, August 7
Thursday, August 13
Wednesday, August 19
Thursday, September 3
Thursday, September 10
Wednesday, September 16
Thursday, October 1Thursday, October 8
Wednesday, October 14
Thursday, November 6Thursday, November 12
Wednesday, November 18
Thursday, December 4
Thursday, December 10
Wednesday, December 16
Second Payment Date in December
To Be Determined
To Be Determined
To Be Determined